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EAH! WoodDrawings by Amsterdam based artist ONLINE !

EAH! WoodDrawings by Amsterdam based artist ONLINE !
EAH! WoodDrawings by Amsterdam based artist ONLINE !

EAH! Wood Drawings

An Amsterdam born & based design artist, who shortly after her graduation became internationally known with her own accessory line. Today she helps WonderWood with the interior styling instore, social media and the creative presentation concepts for art fairs. She also created this website ! She got inspired by the wonderful fifties midmodern-century plywood furniture from WonderWood Amsterdam and created this series of “WoodDrawings”, illustrations, drawn on different kinds of veneers. Unique art pieces on veneer wood and possible to frame.

EAH-wooddrawing-eames EvaAnnaHekking--EAH-WoodDrawings-Rietveld-Prouve

WonderWood-EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-Rietveld EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-ArneJacobsenWonderWood-EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-Emes-4

EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-Rietveld-2 EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-AlvarAalto-2 EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-RietveldAlvarAalto

Custom Made Wood Drawings :

A Portrait of Things , it is possible EAH to order a wooddrawing portrait for someone on social request. The concept is to give the artist a list with the person’s most charismatic favorites. It will be turned into a personal drawing on wood veneer.

EAH-wooddrawing-mama-smoke-b-wonderwood-EvaAnnaHekking EAH-wooddrawing-mama-zonnebloem1-a-wonderwood-EvaAnnaHekking


WonderWood-EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-Rietveld-2 WonderWood-EvaAnnaHekking- EAH-WoodDrawings-eames-3

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