WonderWood is celebrating this autumn (the 23rd anniversary) in the gallery as well as at the PAN fair. For its 13th PAN, WonderWood has invited 13 designer and artist friends for Nothing Hotter than Dutch Love. The title comes from a work by artist Mark Brusse. Subtle, modest little gestures and cheerful expressions refer to ‘Dutch Love’ in design, art, photography, prints, glass and ceramics.

Mark Brusse’s clogs, Richard Hutten’s Sexy Relaxy chair, Paul van Riel’s snapshots, Ilse Vermeulen’s paintbrushes, Klaas Gubbels’ coffee pots, Marie Louise Terwindt’s paint cans, Jan Cremer’s tulips, Floris Hovers’ skyline, Jeroen Henneman’s kisses, Sander Luske’s cucumbers, Melvin Anderson’s Murano vase, Joep Bertrams’ prints and Jan Jansen’s shoes.

Come join the party!

PAN 2022: 20-27 November