Klaas Gubbels turned 90 in January this year. Still in his studio 7 days a week. Just as passionate and every painting is still a battle. Major exhibition this spring in Museum Arnhem. A special film, television and also a new book!! And… a solo exhibition at WonderWood at KunstRai.

Jeroen Henneman can draw in space. His sculptures work like drawings, but they are sculptures. He always surprises us with these magical ‘standing drawings’. Once again with an exciting presentation of new ‘standing drawings’ in wood and stainless steel, but also with special cut outs in canvas and drawings never shown before.

Spectacular new work by Antonius Driessens, who lives and works in France not far from Nimes. His Trompe-L’oeil objects are made of weathered, often centuries-old wood, which comes from dilapidated vacant castles. His spectacular wooden wall objects suggest they are 3-dimensional, but are flat, so 2-dimensional.

Making a paper mache sculpture is complicated and time consuming. Jaap Egmond (1913-1997) was helped by his three sons, who therefore master this process like no other. Jaap senior left behind a number of notebooks with drawings that were never executed by him. Maarten, Jaap junior and Toon (now also in their seventies) decided to carry out some of their father’s designs under the name Egmond Atelier. And with astonishing results.

Come and see WonderWood at KunstRAI from March 27 to April 1!

See the KunstRAI website for more information.

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